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Do you operate a fleet of trucks? Commercial firms doing business in New York City who need help with their parking tickets want an experienced broker to represent them. Being efficient and saving money is the bottom line. When a commercial business wants to explore the benefits of outsourcing their parking ticket management, VSBI will review and analyze your summons history and present you with an intelligent report showing if VSBI's representation will save you money or not. Identification of all NYC summonses is key so nothing gets lost or falls into judgment. VSBI has been fighting summonses for decades. Dismissals are critical to reduce the overall parking ticket expenditure. Making sure all guilty summonses are paid on time eliminating late payment penalties. VSBI is well aware of the common practices of NYC Traffic Ticket Agents who oftentimes write up duplicate summonses for the same job location. VSBI knows the ins and outs of every NYC summons. During our inspection of each of your summonses, every possible chance of dismissal is afforded to you. VSBI manages your pending summons workload. VSBI quickly reports every pending hearing, appeal, and history status to help answer any question or problem. Not only does VSBI fight NYC Parking Tickets, we can also help you with representation for Moving and Equipment Violations, NYC Commercial Tax Stamp Requirements, and Sanitation, ECF or Overweight Violations.
  ... of your company's hard-earned money is going towards the N.Y.C. Department of Finance?

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"VSBI's parking ticket management program scores high marks for summons tracking, expense reduction, and payment accuracy. After
18 years of having VSBI control our parking ticket requirements, DiCarlo continues to benefit from this relationship."
"Not only are they netting us a very high dismissal rate, we are experiencing an intelligent program of accuracy with up to the minute reporting." One of our many happy customers
"They are the watchdog over our New York City Parking Tickets." One of our other many happy customers

May 27, 2013
FedEx, UPS owe $2.8 million in parking tickets to city in first 3 months of 2013

May 26, 2013
Parking tickets: All in the cost of doing business

May 26, 2013
City set to collect $550 million in parking tickets this year

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